Candy-Free Valentines

Thanks to Pinterest, I really love making valentines, especially candy-free ones! This year was no exception! I chose two super easy options that fit the kids perfectly. Kenley loves her fruit and veggies, so she is giving little clementine cuties to her classmates. I associate all things nautical with Crosby, so as soon as I saw the nautical themed valentines to go with the Pirate’s Booty, I knew they would be perfect.

You’re a cutie!

I had all of the supplies needed for the valentines, aside from the clementines, which I picked up at ALDI. I put these together while catching up on How To Get Away With Murder over the weekend and they were super quick. The party bags I had were too tall, so I cut them down after I had assembled the valentine. You can also get the smaller party bags if you’re buying them specifically for the valentines.

The supplies needed are as follows:

candy free valentines

candy-free valentines


I also had all of the supplies needed for these valentines too, aside from the Pirate’s Booty which I had delivered in just two days, thanks to Amazon. I technically didn’t even have to leave the house to make these and I just love how they turned out.

The supplies needed are:

candy free valentine

 toddler valentine

Seriously, these were so easy and so cute! If you still need more ideas for candy-free valentines, you can see my past valentines here, here, and here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Friday I’m in Love

Happy February!

o n e

I picked up a couple Raw Threads headbands at the expo last weekend and wore one during my race on Sunday. I have proceeded to wear one every single day since then. They are amazing! So comfy and cute.

t w o

As we go into Super Bowl weekend, I have to share an amazing article from the Indy Star –  In appreciation of Peyton Manning — Go Broncos!

t h r e e

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I have to admit I’ve had our house decorated since I took the Christmas decorations down, so we are in the spirit! This week, I shared our Candy-Free Valentines over on Orlando Moms Blog. Go check them out! 

f o u r

I have been in love with Amazon Prime for many years now. If I can get it shipped to my house, I will. This article finally gave me the nudge I needed to start using Prime Photos this week. I uploaded all of the photos from my phone which I had been meaning to do for such a long time. Score!

f i v e

The winter season of Suits is back!! Last week our cable was out, so we had to catch up this week before we saw any spoilers. If you haven’t started this show, you must! It’s so good!


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Friday I’m in Love {with Valentine’s Day}

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Of course if it’s heart-shaped, pink, or red, I’m loving it this week.

o n e

I’ve had this garland hanging up since the beginning of January.
Unfortunately, it’s been really the only Valentine’s Day decor I’ve gotten,
but it still makes me happy. I’m hoping to snag a few more things on clearance this week.

t w o

I got this dress for an adorable little one year old this week.
Does it come in my size?! Too cute!

t h r e e

I’ve been on the hunt for a bento box for a while now and finally found one at TJ Maxx this week.
It’s awesome, especially with the silicone baking cups. It’s perfect for Kenley’s lunches.
Heart shaped sandwiches are fun too.


f o u r

My very own little valentines!




I’m also in love with Misha’s big announcement today! Hop on over to see what she’s up to this week.


P.S. I shared Kenley’s valentines over on Orlando Moms Blog if you want to check them out.

Have a great weekend, lovers!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We don’t need a holiday to make us think about how much can change in one year,
but looking back at our little valentine last year really does remind us.


Our big girl valentine this year…



Last year, Kenley had just started in her new class after switching daycare providers,
so you can imagine my surprise when she came home with valentines from her classmates.
She is very excited to pass out valentines to her friends this year.

There are so many adorable (non-candy related) toddler valentines on Pinterest,
but as soon as I stumbled upon this idea, I stopped looking any further.
Kenley loves these little fruit pouches, so I knew they would be perfect for her friends.
I made the cards in Publisher with this fun font.
I went with an ombre effect in red and pink for the font color and loved how it turned out.
They were quick and easy, always a big win for a working mom on the go!



I had all these great ideas for decorating for Valentine’s Day this year
and I didn’t do one of them, not a single one.
I’m going to brush it off and try to get ahead by moving right along to Easter,
or maybe just forget holidays all together and decorate for spring.

We were able to do a couple fun food-related Valentine’s Day treats.


Cookies for co-workers!


Heart shaped ham & cheese for a little girl’s lunch.


Pink, heart-shaped pancakes made with love for his girls.

Finally, Kenley got a Cupig from Great Grandma & Pa, she LOVED it!
Here is a glimpse… I think she played it at least 10 times after she opened it.

Now that song will be stuck in your head for days…
you’re welcome.

Happy Valentine’s Day!