my weekend in photos

Finishing touches on the office. #washitape

i put some finishing touches on the office this weekend, so i will *hopefully* be sharing that soon!

The plates are up! Thanks for being a part of our new home. More plates are always welcome! #homesweethome

we also finished a couple other random projects that just haven’t made it on the to-do list.
including hanging our assortment of license plates in the garage.
more are always welcome!


and finally hanging up one of my favorite pieces.

Oh hey Margot! @sallysarahdsgn

we hosted some friends for dinner on saturday.
kenley had a great time staying up way late playing with charlie & margot.


sitting “up there” on a bar stool having a snack on a rainy sunday afternoon.


we didn’t do anything too crazy on the last weekend of june.
but, we’re ready for a couple of fun weeks ahead!
how was your weekend?


ps if you’re still looking for an alternative to google reader,
since it’s going into retirement tomorrow, you should check out feedly.
i’m starting to love it even more than google reader.