Fifty + Fifty-One Weeks

We are inching closer to the end of Crosby’s weekly photo project and I have to say that I’m not too upset about it. It’s very difficult to get a picture of this one not moving, let alone laying down. That also means that he’s almost one year old. Not possible! He has been on the move the past two weeks. While we were at the hotel, every time the door would open, he would speed crawl to try to get out. When we let him in the hall, he just walked and walked as far as his little feet could take him. He’s fully committed to walking now and crawling is a thing of the past. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s running in the next week. He wants to keep up with Kenley so bad.

fifty weeks

fifty-one weeks

The next update will be a big one, just like our little guy.

Forty-Nine Weeks

forty-nine weeks

Crosby had a big week this week! He is officially walking!
He took 3-5 steps a couple times on Monday while he was at school and has gotten better and better as the week has gone on. He’s not fully walking yet, but it’s a good mix of walking and crawling. It’s going to start getting more fun around here!

His other new trick is going up and down on the anywhere chair. He will do it over and over again; along with standing on it and diving over the arms of the chair. He’s done a couple of somersaults off the side too and it doesn’t phase him in the least… he’s all boy, that’s for sure.

We’re creeping closer and closer to the end of our weekly photo project.
I’m not quite sure how that is possible?

Happy Monday!

Forty-Six Weeks

forty-six weeks

We made our first trip to urgent care this week. Crosby was under the weather on Monday night with high fever. It turns out it was just a virus. He got better as the week went on, but you could tell he was fighting something off. Not to mention another tooth broke through over the weekend (his 5th!), so that just added fuel to the fire. The poor guy had drool and snot running down his face all weekend. Aside from feeling yucky, he’s doing very well. He took two baby steps on Friday morning, which we are for sure counting as his first steps, but he hasn’t decided to take any more. In time!

Happy Monday!

Forty-One Weeks

This little guy has had a rough week. All week long I have thought that his top two teeth would be in “any day now”. Finally, just yesterday one of them poked through (barely). Overall, he’s been such a trooper, but you can still tell he’s in pain. He’s been sleeping really well, but again, it’s because he’s not feeling great. Hopefully the top teeth will move in quickly. I now remember with Kenley the top teeth being a lot worse than the bottom, and it’s no different with Crosby.


Over the past week, he’s turned into a standing machine! He let’s go of whatever he’s holding almost every time he’s on his feet and will stand for a long time. He’s not cruising much and he’s not close to taking steps, but he sure does love to just stand there.


forty-one weeks

Happy Monday!

Forty Weeks

Forty weeks means that little man has been on the outside longer than he was on the inside.
So crazy!

He is doing very well and is constantly on the move.
This weekend he climbed up four stairs and we immediately put the baby gate up.
I also broke out the pack & play so he was contained long enough for me to take a shower.
He was not a fan, but at least I was clean.

forty weeks

The weeks keep flying by!